Bloom Bap #1608: Phife Dawg Tribute [RIP], Amongst Other Goodies.

Phife Dawg aka Five Foot Assassin aka Dynomutt aka Mutty Ranks aka Malik Izaak Taylor of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest passed on March 22, 2016. The first half of this episode is dedicated to his work. Rest In Power, Phife.

Bloom Bap is the flowering outgrowth of Hip-Hop’s boom bap roots. There wasn’t a name for the sounds coming from what is now known worldwide as the ‘beat scene’. I gave these ineffable sounds this name early on as a way to describe it and make it easily identifiable in my own music library. Bloom Bap is genre pushing, forward thinking music that is nourished by it’s past. It comes from the dirt, it may still be dirty, it might be beautiful… it might be carnivorous and eat anything fly… it may inspire awe one moment and gnaw on your face the next. There are as many species of plant life as there are beats. The Bloom Bap mix show is botany class for beat heads.

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