Enjoy & Be Educated #1543: Give the Drummer Some, Part 9

For the collectors and producers out there, Christmas is coming early; we’re eager to present our 9th entry in our series “Give the Drummer Some”. With plenty more open drums and percussion galore, you’re sure to enjoy the sounds of Little Sonny, Minoru Muraoka, The Climax Chicago Blues Band and more. 2 hours of breaks await; as always, enjoy and be educated.

**Note: “Enjoy and Be Educated” will be coming to an end on Saturday, December 26. We will be broadcasting live starting at 10:30AM ET via BBOXRadio.com. We hope you can join us for our final broadcast. We at The Diggers Union thank you for all the listenership you have given us over the past 2 1/2 years.

Please continue to follow our MixCloud account as new mixes will be posted to it.

Follow us on Instagram: @DiggaPlease (Hevehitta) | @WaxsonPollack (DJ Unexpected)

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