The Rodent Hour #1543: Joe Smith & the Going Concern

Joe Smith & The Going Concern were recently in town for a gig at Hank’s Saloon. I’ve been a fan of the band since 2012 when I first heard their song “Rock & Roll” so I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to sit down with Joe and talk about being a singer/songwriter and his upcoming release “Every One of You”.

With Joe currently hailing from Atlanta, GA it was an excellent opportunity to play some other really good music from Hot’Lanta. Joe recommended we play something by “All Night Drug Prowling Wolves”, one of my favorite bands from Atlanta, along with Snoot and The Men, who are from Brooklyn. Also on the playlist is Zander Michigan, 68-75 and The Gentlemen Bastards.

To hear more from Joe Smith & The Going Concern visit their bandcamp page:…

To stay up to date on his shows please “like” his page on Facebook:

Thanks to Daddy-O’s ( for their continued support.

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