The Rodent Hour #1541: Nancy Pants

Nancy Pants is a loud and lo-fi pop three piece from Montreal featuring Ohara Hale (Mori, Ohara) on vocals and guitar, Adam Waito (Adam & The Amethysts, Miracle Fortress) on bass and vocals, and Jeremy MacCuish (Parlovr, Nanimal, Smokes) on drums.

Nancy Pants were in town to play a couple of shows in the CMJ Music Marathon being held in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I was fortunate to catch their set at Fat Baby and their energy was tremendous. Huge props to Jeremy for making such beautiful noise on such a stripped down drum kit.

They’re currently working on new material but you can pick up their debut album “Total Nancy Pants” (released November 20, 2014) from their page on Bandcamp.

You can watch videos from the band, including “Happy” where you can look for the face of Elvis in the burning palm tree, and keep up to date on any upcoming shows by visiting their web site.

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