Old Time Religion Radio Hour #1536: Out There (feat. Electric Citizen)

After last week’s hard rock show and with all this rain in NYC I needed some soul, man. The first hour is all sweet soul music, vintage & modern, to stave off the chill with some warm tones.

Now, in the second hour I had to mix it up. I of course have some great psych tracks from Beyond Beyond is Beyond records (Annique Monet, the new Midday Veil) along with a highlight of women in psychedelia.

I was lucky enough to catch up on phone with Riding Easy Records artists Electric Citizen ahead of their upcoming gigs at St. Vitus with Pentagram. In the last half hour we talk about their busy tour schedule, signing to Riding Easy, and what’s next for the band. Many thanks to them for taking the time to chat with me, make sure to go see them 10/5-10/6 when they hit Brooklyn. Ticket details and more about the band at http://www.ElectricCitizenBand.com

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