The Rodent Hour #1538: The VeeVees

Great catching up with our old friends The VeeVees. There have been lots of changes and growth in the band since the last time we had a chance to speak with them. The band now features Sophia Urista on vocals, Andrea Belfiore with beats & Artur Novoselsky on bass. Garrett Cillo rounds out the quartet on guitar and vocals.

The band’s most recent release, “Cream of Heaven” was released in June 2015 and features some of the band’s most dynamic work yet. You can pick up your copy of the EP from the band’s website:

If you’re able to catch the band live you’re definitely in for a treat. They bring energy and passion to their live performances. Your next opportunity to experience The VeeVees live is on September 28th at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

The night’s playlist also includes tracks by The Mobros, The Black Black, nancy pants, From Below and Zero Holds.

Original airdate: 09/23/15.

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