Enjoy and Be Educated #1529: The Keys to Success (New Wave, Pop, Disco, Synth-Pop, Funk, Breaks)

There seems to be a love/hate relationship with the keyboard/synthesizer. With 1 riff it can trigger a memory to a cherished song or it can send shudders from a rather be forgotten track. Either way, it has its place in popular music, and we’re eager to highlight it on our latest episode of Enjoy and Be Educated. With our latest offering, “The Keys to Success” we pay homage to these infamous instruments. From funk to pop to new wave, all of its guilty glory is featured here. With artists like Berlin, Parliament, The Nails and Soft Cell at the helm, expect quite a diverse offering. As always, enjoy and be educated.

Website: TheDiggersUnion.com

Twitter: @TheDiggersUnion (Hevehitta) | @DJUnexpected

Enjoy and Be Educated airs every Saturday 1-3PM ET on BBOXRadio.com

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