Enjoy and Be Educated #1527: Leftover Ingredients, Part 2

Due to licensing restrictions, this episode is unavailable to our U.S. listeners.

Prepare yourself for a special birthday edition of Enjoy and Be Educated, as we celebrate 2 special birthdays; 1 belonging to DJ Unexpected’s brother and the other to a longtime fan and digging confidant, Theodore Bracey aka Sneakerboy T. Adding some leftover ingredients to the pot and the recipe can be best described as a funky yet soulful stew. Seasoning the pot with some Jamaican and Brazilian spices (via a tribute to Dancehall legend Red Dragon aka Lamont May who passed away earlier this week and from late musician Jackie Mittoo) and the stylings of Jorge Ben, to some down funk and soul via Sly and the Family Stone and Curtis Mayfield (dedicated to Theodore’s birthday). Topping off the dish with some Japanese flair via Zerosen and Akira Ishikawa’s tremendous cover of Fela Kuti’s “Let’s Start” along with some raw Hip Hop from M.O.P. and Guilty Simpson (to honor DJ Unexpected’s brother), we’re covering every taste bud known to man. As always, enjoy and be educated.

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