Enjoy & Be Educated #1526: A Trip Down Mixtape Memory Lane, Part 3

For this week’s edition of Enjoy and Be Educated, we’re serving up another helping of our infamous catalog. This time around, we’ll be focusing on DJ Unexpected’s early entries into the mixtape game with 2 of his contributions to the Noize Mob DJ’s catalog. Rocking alongside cohorts Wiz Hoffa & DJ Supreme The Silencer on “Crack Cookaz” and with DJ Supreme The Silencer on “Identity Crisis”, the emphasis on creative blends and storytelling run rampant with 2 hours of remixes. Although both titles were released in 2005, the combination of street blends and pop remixes made for timeless material, still resonating to this day. As always, enjoy and be educated.

To download, log onto: TheDiggersUnion.com

Twitter: @TheDiggersUnion (Hevehitta) | @DJUnexpected

Enjoy and Be Educated airs every Saturday, 1-3PM ET on BBOXRadio.com

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