The Block #1527

Due to licensing restrictions, this episode is unavailable to our U.S. listeners.

Let’s take it back… Imagine yourself on a limestone stoop on a tree-lined block in the heart of Brooklyn (or any urban landscape). Brownstones and other tall buildings lend you shade while children play in fire hydrant streams. Meanwhile, other kids down the block keep rhythm and time with a friendlily game of double-dutch. B-Boys and B-Girls spin various body parts on flattened cardboard boxes. Boom boxes blare bass and snares and everyone is dressed in the latest gear. Spray-painted glyphs tell stories like sacred wall texts and the community exists as one.

Hip-hop culture IS American culture. Hip-hop chronicles and represents the American story with raw struggle and life shaping experiences. Hip-hop gave a voice to the disenfranchised and then itself got franchised.

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