Enjoy & Be Educated #1524: Cultivate Yourself, Part 12 (Funk, Soul, Rap, New Wave, Break Beats)

After a 2 week hiatus, we’re proud to be back on with a new live episode of Enjoy and Be Educated as we present our 12th installment in our highly acclaimed series, “Cultivate Yourself”. Rocking tracks at random while trying to keep the mix coherent, we span quite a few genres, from Funk to Dancehall to Hip Hop and R & B. With some of our favorite artists at the helm like Dennis Coffey, The Meters, Ray Barretto and Super Cat to Nu Shooz, Mike Lundy and Queen, we’ve got 42 tracks to keep the groove going. As always, enjoy and be educated.

Website: TheDiggersUnion.com

Twitter: @TheDiggersUnion (Hevehitta) | @DJUnexpected

Enjoy and Be Educated airs every Saturday, 1-3PM ET on BBOXRadio.com

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